Network Security

We offer solutions to protect your networks from Internal & External intruders. With a portfolio of expertise in Firewall, Network Access Control, and Wireless Security. We ensure you are secure on a Network Level.

User Security

Our security is as secure as our weakest link – The User.

We offer services like Domain Controller, Central Anti-Virus and multi factor authentication. 

Compliance & Risk Assessment

As the need to become certified as per international standards or the need to be compliant for such standards, it is required for your organisation to consult an auditor, who will work internally with you. With our security experts, we will hold your hands towards the finish line so as to make your Organisation/Enterprise compliant based on the standards you intend to achieve.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

As an Organzation/Enterprise grows, so does the threat against its Data/Infrastructure. Be it Competitors or ex employees, the threat against any enterprise will continue to grow. We give special focus to the Security Triad on ensuring your data’s Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability is not compromised.

Keeping the above risks in mind, it is imperative that any Enterprise that values its data perform Proactive actions in order to be ready for any or such threats. With our CEH & LPT, we provide your with VAPT services based on White or Black box PT. With our end of project report, we will hold your IT team’s hand in assisting them on how to mitigate all the threats that were identified in our VAPT.